Schedule At A Glance

Monday, October 17, 2016

School of Education Building

  • Registration and Light Breakfast, central atrium
   Welcome and Opening
  •  Kathy Crowe, Interim Dean of the Libraries at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and Entrepreneurial Librarian Conference planner
  • Opening Keynote. Old, New, & Borrowed – Archetypes for 21st century Library Design.  Kevin Huse,  Principal architect at RATIO Architects. Location: Room 120, Auditorium
   Concurrent Session 1
  • From sidewalk cracks to Dusty stacks : “Grass Routs” engagement for Community impact in public libraries. Ashby. Location: Room 102.
  • Imagining YES! Creating a Culture of Yes through Policy and Practice. Jett. Location: Room 104.
  • Inventing the Future: Applying Design Thinking to NexGen Online Program Development. Becksford & Metko. Location: Room 106.
  • How LIS Education can influence entrepreneurial attributes for Future Librarians. Crumpton & Bird. Location: Room 108
   Concurrent Session 2
  • Imagine the NEXT Model for Public Service in Academic Libraries: Changing Library Roles, Taking Risks to Make a Difference for Students, Faculty, Staff and the Community. Smith & Leuzinger. Location: Room 102.
  • A small University Librarian’s engagement with state-wide and local economic development initiatives. Maynard. Location: Room 104.
  • Transforming Instructional Design: Using Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to invoke change and to incorporate the Framework into instructional practice. Bishop. Location: Room 106.
  • Obstacles to Innovation: How to Plan for a Future with Roadblocks. Crumpton, B. Location: Room 108
  • Your Next Opportunity is Your Next Conversation: Talking to Faculty about Academic Libraries/Imagine Telling the Provost that YOU Helped Campus Receive a Research Grant!. Bollinger & Exner. Location: Room 110
  • The Mindful Librarian: Bringing Mindfulness to Innovation. Richard Moniz,  Director of Library Services at Johnson and Wales University. Room 120 (Auditorium)
   Concurrent Session 3
  • Reaching University Students via Partnerships with Non-academic Departments. Serpico. Location: Room 102.
  • Innovation in libraries may be as simple as staying on the bus. Sobczak & Peacemaker. Location: Room 104.
  • “You can do it, we can help.”: The librarian’s new role as course content curators. Ivory & Murphey. Location: Room 106.
  • The Business of Starting and Sustaining an Academic Conference. Glover, Richardson, Hampton & Downey. Location: Room 108
  • Developing Liaison Librarians for Data-Intensive Research Engagement. Davis & Eskridge. Location: Room 110
   Concurrent Session 4
  • Dog People and Cat People: when theory meets practice. LePors & Ruelle. Location: Room 102.
  • LEAPing for the Stars! Belk Library as an entrepreneurial model of an engaged academic library. Rudd & Ford. Location: Room 104.
  • Off-line libraries for underserved areas. Missen. Location: Room 106.
  • The Next Workforce – Talent Management in Academic Libraries/A Librarian in the Provost’s Office. Taylor. Location: Room 108
  • The Future of Subject Specialists in Academic Libraries. Garrison & Scanlon. Location: Room 110
3:55 – 4:15
  • Recap of the day. Location: Room 120 (Auditorium)