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Webinar planned

The Entrepreneurial Librarian Webinar will be held on September 19, 2012. Sponsored by LLAMA and organized by the planners of the Entrepreneurial Librarian Conference. Registration will be opening soon!

The Entrepreneurial Librarian

A book, edited by three of the original conference planners, has been published!

The book, published by McFarland, highlights accomplishments of some of the presenters from the first and secondEntrepreneurial Librarian Conference, and includes other ventures as well. It “chronicles how entrepreneurial librarians are flourishing in the digital age, advocating social change, responding to patron demands, designing new services, and developing exciting fundraising programs. Applying new business models to traditional services, they eagerly embrace entrepreneurship in response to patrons’ demands, funding declines, changing resource formats, and other challenges. By documenting the current state of entrepreneurship in libraries, this volume upends the public image of librarians as ill-suited to risky or creative ventures and places them instead on the cutting edge of innovations in the field.”

You can pick up your copy through McFarland or

Digitizing our Cultural History webinar

Webinar Planned for September 19, 2012

Sponsored by LLAMA

Digitizing our Cultural History: an Entrepreneurial Approach

A webinar for Librarians, Archivists, Museums, Digital Humanities, Historical Societies, Genealogists.

* How to conceptualize and implement digital collections that preserve community history
* How to collaborate among different institutions in the community for the greater good
* How to seek funding for digital projects
* Promotion and outreach for digital projects

Featuring 3 successful, culturally significant digitization projects:

Digital Forsyth (DF) is a collaborative effort among 4 institutions to create an online collection of digital photos pertaining to Forsyth County (NC) history. Digital Forsyth was a 3 year project that digitized over 12,000 photographs and made them freely available to the world using an innovative WordPress interface that invites user participation through comments. It includes lesson plans for teachers and themed essays.
Civil Rights Greensboro (CRG) is a collaborative digitization project that brings together materials from six institutions documenting Greensboro’s role in the civil rights movement. Content includes over 1300 oral histories, photographs, archival documents, letters, and other items, plus contextual essays and K-12 lesson plans. CRG is serving as a model for future community-based digitization projects to be coordinated by the UNCG University Libraries.

The University of Kentucky Libraries Special Collections has a wide range of research guides to primary sources, many created by Senior Archivist Jeff Suchanek. These guides incorporate archival materials of all types, including digital collections, in an innovative manner that make cultural history and social movements more accessible, particularly to undergraduate and high school students. Current guides include such topics as Abolition and Abolitionists, Equal Rights, Coal Mining, Migration in Appalachia, Social Reformers in Appalachia, and many more.
The webinar will be sponsored by LLAMA, (Library Leadership and Management Association of the American Library Association.)

Details on the date of the webinar and the registration will be posted soon!


The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians would like to acknowledge, and thank, our sponsors for our 2011 conference!

Lyrasis, Oxford University Press, and Springshare contributed sponsorships to our second conference. Thank you. Without you this would not be possible!

Have Entrepreneurial Success?

The third Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians, to be held in May, 2013 on the campus of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro will be opening it’s Call for Proposals soon . We seek proposals from those who have successfully developed an entrepreneurial idea in the area of Social Entrepreneurship, in which the objective of the project is to raise awareness or educate the public about a social cause, bringing benefits to your community. These benefits may or may not include actual financial benefit. Get your ideas ready to submit to present! The call will open in August, 2012. *

Attention Library Entrepreneurs!

In 2009, the entrepreneurial librarians of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University and the Jackson Library at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro joined together to create a place for sharing and fostering the development of entrepreneurial ideas in libraries. The result was the Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration conference held in June of 2009.

In 2010 and 2011, we continued to highlight entrepreneurial spirit. With a webinar in 2010 and the second The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians held at Wake Forest University on March 10-11, 2011. The Entrepreneurial Librarian Webinar took place on September 17, 2010.

In the coming months, we are preparing for two events to continue the conversation. In the fall of 2012, we will again hold a webinar “Digitizing our Cultural History: an entrepreneurial approach” sponsored by LLAMA. And the third The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians will be held on the campus of University of North Carolina-Greensboro on May 16-17, 2013. Look for registration for both events. If you have an entrepreneurial idea to share, calls for proposals will go out in early August, 2012 for the conference! Come join us!