About the ELC

Scope of the Entrepreneurship & Libraries Conference

The ELC offers free online conferences and workshops on how libraries and librarians can support entrepreneurship in their communities and campuses. ELC leadership includes a diverse mix of public, special, and academic librarians and partners, from several countries. The ELC is for and by information professionals who support and believe in the power of inquiry and information to transform lives and support entrepreneurial endeavors. Our code of conduct.

DEI action plan

  1. The ELC believes that entrepreneurship can be a pathway to economic justice and empowerment, and a counter to systemic racism
  2. The ELC includes a DEI component in its programming wherever possible.
  3. With intentionality, the ELC recruits librarians from non-academic institutions, from historically excluded groups, and from around the world, to positions of service and leadership.


While the ELC leadership is international, the ELC is officially hosted by BLINC, the business librarianship section of NCLA. Since its founding in 2003, BLINC has been a community of public, academic, and special librarians who value networking, supporting each other, and offering frequent and free workshops.


Co-chairs lead ELC events. When the event is over, the co-chair term is over. Most ELC events take 4-6 months to plan and execute. Co-chairs work with the ELC directors (see below) on the “big picture” plan for the event, but the co-chairs have much freedom to decide details. Co-chairs do not have to be BLINC members. A co-chair could also be a director.


The ELC directors work to maintain the success and sustainability (labor and financial) of the ELC by overseeing its programming and services. At least one director must be a BLINC member. Directors recruit the co-chairs for ELC events.

Current Directors