ELC International 2022

Tuesday, November 1, 8am-10am Eastern Standard Time/New York/Toronto
Wednesday, November 2, 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time/New York/Toronto

The purpose of this free mini-conference will be “‘librarians who support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship around the world connecting, sharing, and learning with each other.” We will meet via Zoom.

Formats will include lightning rounds (short presentations), workshops (interactive educational sessions), and networking discussions.

The planning team includes librarians from Iran, India, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Canada, and the U.S.

Details will be added here. Please check periodically for updates! We will provide a simple registration form by October.

Call for Proposals: Submit by September 21. 2022

Conference Theme

The theme for the Entrepreneurship and Libraries Conference (Entrelib) International is Libraries Supporting Social Entrepreneurship Across the World. Social entrepreneurship encompasses a wide range of ventures that purport to solve problems in our local and global communities. Given social entrepreneurship’s emphasis on improving and strengthening its communities, it is inherently linked to many of the values and goals of librarianship. Social entrepreneurship is a globally relevant issue that is not centered in the global north and/or western view of capitalism, lending itself to an international conference. This, along with social entrepreneurship as a significant way to bring about economic justice, is of particular interest to younger generations, who are our libraries’ (and world’s) future leaders and changemakers. 

The conference theme not only indicates a library interest in international social entrepreneurship but also international and diverse perspectives on social entrepreneurship. This free virtual conference will explore approaches libraries have undertaken to support social entrepreneurship which can be applied internationally. What can we learn from libraries’ engagement with social entrepreneurship from elsewhere? Due to the diverse nature of social entrepreneurship, the conference committee is open to all perspectives on the topic of social entrepreneurship. More specific themes could include but are not limited to:

  • Libraries supporting social entrepreneurship that contribute to UN Sustainability Goals (actions to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity, etc.)
  • Libraries supporting globally-focused initiatives and projects 
  • Libraries partnering with and contributing to diverse social entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Exploring information about international markets within social entrepreneurship
  • Community specific social entrepreneurship: small-scale initiatives that serve the needs of specific geographies but addresses global challenges
  • Critical analysis of social entrepreneurship in libraries

Entrelib International is open to the academic, public, and special library community, as well as our entrepreneurial ecosystem partners. Entrelib International will prioritize the inclusion of a diversity of voices as presenters for this conference. 

Please contact one of the co-chairs with any questions:

Entrelib International Interviews

Dr. Leili Seifi interviews Edward Junhao Lim, University of Connecticut (Google Drive version)

Dr. Leili Seifi interviews Megan Janicki, American Library Association (Google Drive version)

Dr. Leili Seifi interviews Celine Gareau-Brennan, University of Alberta (Canada) (Google Drive version)

Dr. Leili Seifi interviews Reece Steinberg, Toronto Metropolitan University (Canada) (Google Drive version)

Dr. Seifi interviews Summer Krstevska, Wake Forest University (United States) (Google Drive version)

Dr. Seifi interviews Steve Cramer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (United States) (Google Drive version)