Planning team: ELC 2024 pitch competition

Andrea Levandowski (New Jersey State Library)
Angel Truesdale (UNC Charlotte)
Anne Gardner (University of Arizona)
Benjamin Spanier (UNC Greensboro)
Duncan Smith (EBSCO)
Frank Pennetti (Broward County Main Library)
Geeta Halley (co-chair) (Round Rock Public Library)
Ginny Sterpka (Creative Startups)
Jackie Eagleson (Appalachian State University)
Jenn Hensel (ElePitch)
Kellee Forkenbrock (North Liberty Library)
LaMonica Wiggins (co-chair) (University of Pittsburgh)
Leili Seifi (University of Birjand)
Maria Freed (Texas State Library)
Megan Janicki (American Library Association)
Steve Cramer (co-chair) (UNC Greensboro)
Theresa Pipher (Corning)