Publications from the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians (2009-16)

Proceedings of the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians

“Imagine the Next” : The 5th Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians (2016)

“Take Risks/Embrace Change” : The 4th Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians (2014)


The Entrepreneurial Librarian: Essays on the Infusion of Private-Business Dynamism into Professional Service

Published by McFarland and edited by three of the conference planners. The book “chronicles how entrepreneurial librarians are flourishing in the digital age, advocating social change, responding to patron demands, designing new services, and developing exciting fundraising programs. Applying new business models to traditional services, they eagerly embrace entrepreneurship in response to patrons’ demands, funding declines, changing resource formats, and other challenges. By documenting the current state of entrepreneurship in libraries, this volume upends the public image of librarians as ill-suited to risky or creative ventures and places them instead on the cutting edge of innovations in the field.”

Against the Grain. September, 2009 special issue

Many of the presenters of the first Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians, Innovation, Inspiration, Celebration: a Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians were chosen to provide articles on their presentation topic to be published in Against the Grain’s special issue on Entrepreneurship in Libraries. The variety of their presentation topics is indicative of the span of development of entrepreneurial ideas in libraries.

Steven J. Bell, “The Librarian Entrepreneur: Demystifying an Oxymoron”

Doug Boyd, “Hoops and Horses: Innovative Approaches to Oral History in a Digital Environment”

Adam Corson-Finnerty, “Money, Money, Money”

Anita Norton, “Library Integration through Collaboration: Partnering in the Course Development Process”

Michael Crumpton, “Going Green in the Library: It’s Not Just for Contractors”

Jennifer Calvo, “The Learning Commons After Dark Series”