Entrepreneurship & Libraries Conference

Conferences and workshops on how libraries and librarians support entrepreneurship in their communities and campuses

Spring 2022

@ the Table Pitch Competition: May 19, 3-5pm EST: Register Here

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Who will be pitching?
The contestants are now listed on the pitch comp page.

Join us on Thursday, May 19, 3-5 EST, for a pitch competition of libraries working with (or trying to work with) local stakeholders in entrepreneurship and economic development. This will be a sequel to the 2020 pitch competition, but with some updates — and more money. Thank you to EBSCO for sponsoring the prizes!

1st place $2,250 | 2nd place $1,000 | 3rd place $500 | 4th & 5th $250
Audience award will be an additional $750 to one of the 5 libraries.

Watch the recording: Pitch Perfect: A Workshop for Librarians

Are you a creative librarian who would benefit from some tips for engaging with community partners? Join the Entrepreneurship & Libraries Conference (ELC) on April 21st 3-4 EST for an exciting opportunity to learn practical skills on creating a compelling pitch designed to generate engagement, excitement, and maybe even funding! From content to delivery, this workshop focuses on what it takes to design an award-winning project pitch. Get expert advice from Jenn Hensel, Pitch Coach for ElePitch, as well as two winners from the 2020 ELC Pitch Competition.

November 2022: ELC International

The goal of this mini-conference will be “librarians who support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship around the world connecting, sharing, and learning with each other.” We will meet via Zoom. The planning group includes librarians from Iran, India, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Canada, and the U.S.

Event times:
Tuesday, November 1, 8am-10am Eastern Standard Time
Wednesday, November 2, 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time

Past events:

ELC 2020 two-day conference
ELC 2020 pitch competition

Cannabis Entrepreneurship mini-conference (Spring 2021)

Inclusive Entrepreneurship mini-conference (Fall 2021)

Publications from the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians (2009-16)

About the ELC

The ELC offers free online conferences and workshops on how libraries and librarians support entrepreneurship in their communities and campuses. ELC planners include a diverse mix of public, special, and academic librarians and partners from several countries. The ELC is for and by information professionals who support and believe in the power of inquiry and information to transform lives and support entrepreneurial endeavors.

While the ELC leadership is international, the ELC is officially hosted by BLINC, the business librarianship section of NCLA. Since its founding in 2003, BLINC has been a community of public, academic, and special librarians who value networking, supporting each other, and offering frequent and free workshops.

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